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All the forces of darkness will seek to confuse you and obscure the light of truth in the hour of trial, but the Spirit of God brings the truth to our mind. Seek Him and rest in Him.

Number 1: The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth. He brings to our minds whatever truth we need little or much.

Number 2: When the Holy Spirit comes He will glorify me. The ground and the center and the goal of all the truth that the Spirit brings is the glory of Jesus Christ.

Number 3: The Holy Spirit rests upon us to sustain within us love to Christ.

Number 4: He is resting on us as the Spirit of glory. He causes us to feel that the glory we are losing.

Number 5: In the hour of trial the Holy Spirit will overcome your doubts and give you assurance that you need.

Number 6: It the opportunity arises in this trial to speak for Christ to others, the Spirit will bring to your mind what you need to say.

Number 7: In your hour of trial the Spirit of Glory and of God will give you Himself and in Himself He will give you the Father and the Son.

Speaker: John Piper

Music: Whitesand – Beyond


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