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“Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.” – Psalm 119:18

Our eyes are always closed. We might have it literally open, but the eyes of our hearts are closed from the calling of God. The moment we become so sinful and horrible, the eyes of our hearts are closed because of how we desire to sin more than to follow God. So, we must be reminded that our hearts’ eyes should be open so that we will see the calling of God and we will follow Him. It is just right for us to know that our hearts are indeed so calloused that even if our literal eyes are open, we would rather see ourselves indulge in sins. 

However, today, our psalmist wants to remind us of the prayer he once wrote and can be our prayer. We must also ask God to open our eyes so that we will see the wonderful things in His law. It is just right that not just our literal eyes are open, but also the eyes of our hearts. If the eyes of our hearts are closed then we won’t be able to see with our real eyes the path of God and how wonderful the things in His law are. We won’t be able to appreciate or acknowledge that we need His help and that we need salvation. Now, we have to know that everything we do, we must do it by heart. 

So, we have to have the eyes of our hearts open. Before we can see clearly the path of God, we will have to open our hearts and let Christ enter and minister into us. We must accept Him as our Lord and Savior so that we will clearly see. So, for our eyes to open, we have to open our hearts first. We have to open it for our eyes to be fully open and see the salvation of God that can only be procured through Jesus Christ. We can never appreciate the law of God or His Gospel if our hearts are not ready to accept it. 

Therefore, let us make sure to open our hearts so that our eyes will be open to see the wonderful things of the law of God. Let us declare this prayer too that God, may not just open our eyes, but also open the eyes of our hearts so that we will see His law and His way. May we always remember to seek Him through His Word so that we will be able to tread carefully in His way. Let us always remember that we are under His grace and we can always have Christ in us as long as we first accept Him as our Lord and Savior.

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