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By Elizabeth Prata

We ALWAYS live with an expectation that in the leading up to that blessed moment of Jesus’ return, sin will heighten and grow worse- for all humans but especially for Israel.

What is going on in Israel right now is an expression of the always present, but not always seen, hatred satan has for Israel. Some horrific stories are coming out of that area, which I won’t repeat, but as Justin Peters said,

This is not normal human animosity. The hatred Hamas and its supporters and enablers (a few of whom are in the US Congress) have towards the Jewish people is a demonic hatred. This level of barbarism and degeneracy is nothing short of demonic. Satan and his fellow fallen angels know the scriptures. They know God has a plan for Israel (Romans 11) and they hate it. They know their doom is sure… and it is.” –end Justin Peters

What people don’t often contemplate is HOW AWFUL sin is. We don’t often see visible expressions of it, or if we do, such as in a school shooting, or a serial killer unmasked, we think it is an anomaly. But horror of this kind is not an anomaly. It is normal, given man’s depravity. We either don’t see it, or we ignore it if it comes our way, or if we can’t ignore, we look away and explain it away.

God’s restraining Hand has kept the earth from tottering like a hut and collapsing under the weight of its sin. Once in a while He lifts his hand a bit and this is what happens. Chaos and violence on a wholesale scale.

We forget the Bible tells us over and over, HOW MUCH satan hates Jews and Christians. Eruptions like this in Israel are what can be called a blessed reminder, blessed because in His mercy, God shields it from us most of the time. Once in a while though, it is a blessing also, to be reminded that:

–satan is present on the earth igniting hatred passions of many,–that things can and will get really bad in the end of the end. If people think THIS is bad, just wait,–and God is still in control.

I believe that is how we should think of the events of the day happening in Israel. Pray always.

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