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Does God Have a Future?: A Debate on Divine Providence
Does God change his mind? How can God plan everything yet respond to our prayers? Does God transcend time? The debate over providence and divine foreknowledge, sparked by the openness of God movement, is the most controversial issue in evangelical circles today. This debate, which concerns the very heart of God's nature, has at times become heated. Does God Have a Future?Does God Have a Future? counters this harsh dialogue by pairing Christopher Hall, who affirms the classical view, with John Sanders, one of the foremost proponents of the openness view.

For more than a year, Hall and Sanders engaged in a friendly yet probing exchange of e-mail correspondence responding to each other's questions and concerns about providence and foreknowledge. Throughout, the authors displayed their respect for each other while vigorously disagreeing about important issues. This book is a compilation of those letters, offering equal treatment to both classical and openness views without unfair caricatures.

A version of Does God Have a Future? appeared as a two-part Christianity Today article in 2001. All those interested in a serious, balanced presentation of the classical versus openness of God debate will appreciate this theologically sophisticated yet accessible book.
Paperback, 222 pages

Published March 1st 2003 by Baker Academic

tags: religion, theology 

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