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Mystery of God

Mystery of God

by A. Hall
Argues that the mystery of God has a rightful place in theological discourse and considers its impact on a variety of theological issues and practices.

How can I know God if he is incomprehensible? Is it possible to know God in a way that takes seriously the fact that he is beyond knowledge? Steven Boyer and Christopher Hall argue that the mystery of God has a rightful place in theological discourse. They contend that considering divine incomprehensibility invites reverence and humility in our thinking and living as Christians and clarifies a variety of theological topics. The authors begin by investigating the biblical, historical, and practical foundations for understanding the mystery of God. They then spell out its implications for theological issues and practices such as the incarnation, salvation, and prayer, rooting knowledge of God in a concrete life of faith. Evangelical yet ecumenical, this book will appeal to theology students, pastors, church leaders, and all who want intellectual and practical guidance for knowing the unknowable God.


Introduction Part 1: The Sun 1. The Meaning of Mystery 2. The Necessity of Mystery 3. The History of Mystery 4. The Knowledge of Mystery Part 2: The Landscape 5. The Mystery of the Trinity 6. The Incarnation 7. Mystery and Salvation 8. Mystery and the Life of Prayer 9. Mystery and World Religions Epilogue: Seeking, Finding, and Seeking Indexes
Paperback, 272 pages

Published November 1st 2012 by Baker Academic

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