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The Christian's Friend and Instructor: Christian Magazine Volume 24, 1897 Edition
A Letter on Gospel Preaching
A Letter on the Relation of the Evangelist to the Assembly.
A Letter to a Bereaved Brother
A Song of the King
"All Things Work Together For Good"
An Educational Warning
"Charity Shall Cover the Multitude of Sins"
Communion in Object
Condition of Enjoyment
Counsels For the Young
Crucified with Christ
Deliverance From Law
Deliverance From Satan
Deliverance From Sin
Deliverance From the World
Divine Love
Eating the Book
Extracts From Letters
"Eyes as a Flame of Fire"
Faith and Discipleship
Faith's Victory
Fellowship: Its Bond and Power
God's Delight
God's Estimate of His People
Hearing the Word
"I Will Come Again"
"In Me, Peace"
Is the New Jerusalem the Church or Israel?
"Jesus Christ, the Same Yesterday, and Today, and For Ever"
Light of a Stone Most Precious
Man in His New State
Now - Then
Parental Responsibility
Paul and the Seven Roman Officials
Prayer and Fasting The Secret of Power
Prominent Prepositions
Resting in His Love
Revelation, Sympathy, and Association
Scripture Notes
Spiritual Knowledge
Sweet Memories
The Baptism of Jesus
The Canaanitish Woman
The Christian Race
The Father's World
The Freshness of Faith
The Gospel of the Kingdom
The Last Words of Jacob
"The Other Side"
The Pathway to Liberty
The Perfect Master and the Pattern Disciple
The Resurrection and the Life
The Rich Young Man
The Spirit of Service
The Subduing Power of the Holy Ghost
The Work of God and of Satan within the Heart
Things Behind and Things Before
"Thou Shalt Remember"
Two Old Letters
Kindle Edition, 254 pages

Published March 22nd 2015

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