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The Trumpet of Truth: One God, One Faith One Choice. and the Lies of Christianity
In the beginning God...Who is this mysterious being worshiped the world over for thousands of years in many different ways, shapes, and forms. Is He attainable to the mortal, or so profound and far away that He can never be known by us.

In this book I will show that God can not only be attainable and known to us, but has already revealed Himself to us in His word commonly known as the Bible. I will also reveal the lies that post-Nicene Christianity has propagated about the one true God over the centuries and the roots from which they sprang.

There is but one God, let the trumpet of truth be sounded among the heresies and heretics, and let the truth be known of who this God truly is and what he has done, and how He has been made into something he's not by compromise and error.
Paperback, 124 pages

Published February 22nd 2011 by Authorhouse

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