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The Unabridged Collected Works
This volume, which is a compilation, contains the only two works of Michael Molinos known to exist: The Spiritual Guide and Frequent Daily Communion. It also contains three of Francois Fenelon's most beloved works: Spiritual Progress, Maxims of the Saints, and Spiritual Letters. This material, some of which has not been published in over 80 years, has been updated for ease of reading. However, it remains unabridged, preserving the tone and style of the original works so that they might live and communicate with a new generation. Michael Molinos and Francois Fenelon are unequivocally two of the most influential figures to emerge from the Quietist movement. They paid a high price to bring their ideas to life so that others might have a clearer path to follow. As a result, thousands of spiritually minded individuals have adopted their teachings and been transformed. Sit at the feet of two of the greatest masters of the spiritual life and read some of the most inspiring works of devotional literature ever written.
Paperback, 332 pages

Published September 19th 2006 by Kahley House Publishing

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