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On the Wings of Grace Alone

On the Wings of Grace Alone

by Richard M. Bennett
It has often been said that all roads lead to Rome. That was true for those who contributed to the writing of this book. However, the road to Rome was a road that led them away from Jesus Christ. It was a road that led to a lack of peace with God and finally would have led them to eternal damnation. These thirty former Catholics discovered that the Roman Catholic Church was teaching things that were completely opposite to what the Bible taught. All were left hungry for more than mere tradition and rituals. These thirty found themselves asking serious questions about the Eucharist and the Church's priesthood. The system of belief behind these shared experiences is revealed in many of their testimonies. These testimonies show wonderfully the grace and mercy of God like a light in a dark place.
Paperback, 310 pages

Published March 11th 2015 by Solid Ground Christian Books

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