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I’m going to have a great body in Heaven – Terry Nightingale
(Photo: Unsplash) I’m not big on the idea of dying. I was thinking about this the other day. I even found myself trying to imagine what it might feel like to be close to death. It made me shudder a little. So I started reading 1 Corinthians chapter 15 and...
Terry Nightingale,
Sean McDowell Shares Three Lessons for Parents and Church Leaders in the Wake of a Christian Rockstar Losing His Faith - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries
I hope we can all pause, reflect on Jon Steingard’s story, and do better as a result.
Randy Alcorn,
Easter Sunday: He Is Risen
He is not here (Mark 16:6) When Jesus died on Calvary, darkness covered the earth and at the same time, darkness filled the hearts of his beloved disciples. The light of their very lives had gone o…
Claude F. Mariottini,
3 Reasons Why Christians Should Be Evidential Investigators Instead of Experience Junkies
Two men. Both grew up in Christian homes in suburban America. Both have famous Evangelical fathers. Both made personal decisions for Christ and became actively involved and well-known in ministry. One walked away from his faith and became a secular humanist. The other has become one of the top apologists...
Alisa Childers,
The Gospel According to Progressive Christianity #3: Redemption and Restoration
I once sat with another parent at a playground making small talk about religion. (I know, right?) He was a Progressive Christian who didn't believe in Original Sin. He pointed to his daughter playing sweetly with another girl and said, "See her? She's innocent. She has to be taught to...
Alisa Childers,
Four Lessons From the Resurrection – Attempts at Honesty – Attempts at Honesty
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central belief of Christianity. In this post, we explore four applications for today.
Mark H. McIntyre,
What do we need to die to? - Part 2/3 - Raising Zion
We need to die to live this life, in the power of resurrection. A resurrected life is found only in Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Nehemiah Zion,

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