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Have You Been to the Church of Sheila?
Have you visited the Church of Sheila? It’s in your neighborhood. In fact, a branch of this church could even be in your own house. My apologies to a few of my friends named Sheila. I didn’t attach…
Lynn H. Pryor,
Liberty, Knowledge and Love
This series was first published during September 2014. –ed. God’s Word does not give us detailed instructions for every aspect of Christian life. Believers are frequently confronted with situations, questions, and decisions that Scripture says nothing about. God’s people have been set free from the Old Testament law, but that freedom leaves us with a
John MacArthur,
What Can You Really Know?
(My apologies for the late upload of this blog posting. The passing of Mister Bear derailed so many things for me, including this blog.) One of my favorite incidents in the record of Jesus’ ministry is his encounter with the man born blind recorded in the ninth chapter of John’s gospel account. There are numerous…
Damon J. Gray,

Group of Brands