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How you can avoid hookup culture in popular dating apps
In a hookup culture, casual sexual encounters are viewed as the norm, often without emotional or romantic commitment.  In this culture, young adults typically engage in one-night stands or short-term sexual relationships with partners they may not necessarily know or intend to form a long-term relationship with. The term “hookup” can refer to a wide … Continued
Kat Orenza,
The Sexual Immorality Definition, A Taboo Topic for Christians - Inspiration Photography and Christian Devotions
The true sexual immorality definition. We define what the Bible says along with how it applies to contemporary Christians.
Jon Frederick,
How to Pray for Your Middle School Students - Melanie Redd
To survive raising middle schoolers, you need a plan. One of the best tips at this age is to pray a lot. Here's how to pray for your middle school students.
The problem with obsessing over virginity…Idolatry!
Good day beautiful people I hope that this message meets you well? As promised I will be writing more about love and relationships for the next few weeks. Today’s topic is about virginity. Now as I…
Mary-Ann Oyejobi,
Knowing the Will of God — House of David Ministries
I often hear Christians talk about following the Will of God over the Will of man. It’s a strange word, often used to express someone’s futurity about their express desire. [i] Sometimes I feel like I’m in a wrestling match with God— “I want to buy that new sports car. No, you can’t have it.” In t
Eric M. Teitelman,

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