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For every Christian, it is essential to grow in knowledge and insight continually in order to live the life God has called us to live while still in this world. While there are hundreds of Christi…
Summer Marrero,
Do You Know What You Believe?
Ask the average church attender what their church teaches, and he or she will proudly proclaim: My church teaches the Bible! O … K … but what does your church teach from the Bible? I se…
Lynn H. Pryor,
BOOK REVIEW: WHAT THE BIBLE ACTUALLY SAYS ABOUT MONEY A Comprehensive Study Revealing the Truth on Debt and Wealth (by Ryan Mix 2016) — Faith and Finances Ministry
Book Reviewed by Patrick Blair on November 5, 2018 First Impression Versus Lasting Impression: The title promised an insightful, in-depth study into debt and wealth. Instead, the book is a shallow, reactionary proof text about how to ignore the meaning of Scriptures about mo
Patrick Blair,
Bibliophiles Unite for National Book Month!
October is also National Book Month! I love reading and recently completed a fun exercise about books I thought I would share.
Lauren Sparks,
On Writing, and On Writing for the Lord
By Elizabeth Prata Writing I subscribe to Sheehan Quirke The Cultural Tutor’s newsletter called Areopagus. (What a perfect name for a Cultural Tutor, isn’t it!). His free newsletter con…
Elizabeth Prata,
WWIII, Church Leadership, and the Care of Souls: The Best Books of June
“One of my favorite vacation indulgences is to read whatever I feel like. Unhooking my reading from any sort of obligation feels like rest. So I head to the lake with a ridiculous stack of books, not because I expect to be able to read them all but because I’m not sure what sort of reading I’ll fancy in the moment.” – James K. A. Smith Needless to say, I feel seen as I’m thinking about what to take to Colorado next month. Send me any recommendations you have! Here are the best books of June: …
Cole Feix,
Making the Most of the Next 10 years: A Simple Self-Evaluation - Charles Stone
H. B. London, VP of Pastoral Ministries for Focus on the Family sends out a weekly email to pastoral leadership. It’s quite good. He gave me permission to post an article from the Jan. 8 edition. Call them ‘new year’s resolutions’ if you like, but what he said made me think as I enter into … Making the Most of the Next 10 years: A Simple Self-Evaluation Read More »
Charles Stone,
God's Movement in the Music City - and Around the Nation — iWork4Him
God is working coast to coast to mobilize His followers to recognize their workplace as their mission field and equip them to bring the Gospel to work. He loves to work. I love working alongside Him each day.
Jim Brangenberg,
Preach the Word: Because It Brings Depth and Balance in Ministry
This post was first published in January, 2014. —ed. One frequently overlooked benefit of consistent Bible exposition is that the preacher’s faith and practice is tested by every text. Over the long haul, everything I have ever taught has had to survive the scrutiny of the Scriptures. By God’s grace, I’ve been able to teach
John MacArthur,
Where Popularity Misses the Mark
We all have those red-letter days: milestone dates we recognize—even as they are happening—as days that define us. We don’t just remember the event; we remember the date on the calendar. Life…
Lynn H. Pryor,

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