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His Yoke Is Easy
When Jesus walked on the earth He taught that His yoke was easy and His burdens were light. I don’t think His disciples quite understood the gravity of that u
Robin McKinley,
The Root of Replacement Theology — House of David Ministries
I remember the day so clearly, sitting on my living room couch and holding an Old King James Bible in my hand. I was determined to discover the truth contained within. I very much believed in the one true God of Israel. So I said to Him, “I need to know the truth.” I had no concept of the Holy Spiri
Eric M. Teitelman,
The Law Fulfilled — House of David Ministries
Arguments between early Jewish and gentile believers often resolved around a theological disagreement over the Law of Moses. The word law is translated from the Hebrew word Torah , and literally means instruction. This instruction was intricately woven into the Mosaic Covenant, encompassing 613 p
Eric M. Teitelman,

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