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Day #351 How to Resist Corruption—Bible Reading Plan - Denise Pass
God’s people need to recognize and resist corruption Moses provided a battle plan on how to resist corruption as he handed over the leadership to Joshua.
Denise Pass,
Questions take you deeper (Ephesians 2)
Here’s an example of how asking good questions leads to a richer appreciation of what God is doing.
Allen Browne,
The kingdom as Father’s gift (Luke 12:32)
Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom (Luke 12:32). That’s a promise that’s worth exploring. How does our Father give us his kingdom? Who is the l…
Allen Browne,
5 Biblical Reasons to be Silent and Blessings Related to Silence in the Bible
Silence in the Bible and Today In today’s world, everyone is trying to get their two cents in. With technology ever-evolving and access to platforms more accessible than ever, we’re seeing an increase in communication but a decline in how much time people spend taking things in. Recently, there was news about a new book
Sue Nelson,

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