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Donna Bucher,
The First Duty of Love - Lori Altebaumer
I love the Lord with most of my heart… the majority of my heart… the most important parts of my heart. But ALL…how is that even possible? Is there really anything I’ve given my all to?
Lori Altebaumer,
Explaining The Chosen: Season 1, Episode 3
The Chosen: Season 1Click here to watch! There are many things I’ve found in The Chosen series that can be explained from a Hebrew Roots viewpoint. If you missed my other posts explaining The…
Holly Eastburg,
Uncompromising Evangelism
The apostle Paul’s sermon on Mars’ Hill (Acts 17:16–33) has been exploited endlessly by evangelistic innovators and missionary methodologists in recent decades. The acute cultural awareness Paul displayed in his preaching has been used to validate everything from worldliness (under the guise of contextualization) to the appreciative study of other religions. But careful examination of
John MacArthur,
Joyfully Living a Life of Intentional Love - Serenity in Suffering
Joyfully living a life of intentional love transforms the way I view God, others, even myself. Adding intention to love moves it beyond duty.
Donna Bucher,
God Is One
There is only one true God, and He demands exclusive worship. That is the essence of the first commandment God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai. It is also the unshakable and unchanging truth about God from eternity past to eternity future. Deuteronomy 6:4–5points to the oneness and exclusivity of God as the essence of
John MacArthur,
An Intentional Love Encompassing Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength - Serenity in Suffering
Loving God with an intentional love encompassing heart, soul, mind and strength, owns the position of the first and greatest commandament.
Donna Bucher,
5 Ways Progressive Christianity and New Age Spirituality Are Kind of the Same Thing
​Think about the phrase "New Age." What comes to mind? Old documentaries of hippies at Woodstock experimenting with LSD and yoga? Shirley MacLaine holding a cluster of crystals on the cover of Time Magazine back in the ‘80s? Deepak Chopra teaching Oprah how to move things with her mind in...
Alisa Childers,
Why Jesus had to die to save people: What problem did His death solve?
Did He die to pacify an angry God? To know why Jesus had to die, we need to understand the origin of evil, as well as Satan’s accusations.
Andries Jacobus van Niekerk,
What Jesus Really Meant Was . . . - Damon J. Gray
Last week I found myself engaged in a rather contentious debate with a Twitter user who seemed incapable of understanding that Jesus taught us that sin is a matter of the heart, comes from the heart, and is overcome by gaining a new heart. What He Really Meant Was . . . Sometimes Jesus said…
Damon J. Gray,

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