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The kingdom goal (Ephesians 4:14-16)
The church has an important role in restoring the earth as God’s kingdom, but the church isn’t the goal. The church points to something bigger than itself: life under Jesus’ kingship.
Allen Browne,
Using the Power of the Wind for Purpose | Blogs for Christian Living
Are you being driven by the wind or guided by the Master? We can use the winds of life to fulfill our God given purpose.
Mark Henslee,
Following the Faithful
This series was first published during June 2018. –ed. Nobody wants to be led off a cliff. But that’s a very real possibility for anyone who follows the wrong leaders. Jesus said as much concerning the religious leaders of His time on earth: “They are blind guides of the blind. And if a blind man
John MacArthur,
30 Days of Prayer: Pray to Rightfully Divide the Word of Truth (Day 5) - Be Whole, Mom
Would you be able to identify a false prophet if you met one? What about a wolf in sheep’s clothing? If not, then welcome to the club. This is day 5 of the 30 Days of Prayer series, and I am thrilled you are here. SO many of us have been duped and harmed by … Read More about 30 Days of Prayer: Pray to Rightfully Divide the Word of Truth (Day 5)
Julie Ann Filter,
Depend on God Alone - Raising Zion
In Orthodox or religious institutions the leaders expound the word of God and the followers (believers) would simply hear and obey. The believers would never read and understand the word of God themselves. Many naive followers believed that only the leaders would receive mysteries from God. It became a subtle practice where the believers would […]
Nehemiah Zion,
Sexual lusts only need disobedience as an entry point - Raising Zion
Sexual lusts are exploding on the earth. The discipline that can protect us from such evil is found only in the word of God.
Nehemiah Zion,
Dealing With Difficult People | Joy For The Journey
Every difficult person that you encounter is an opportunity for you to reveal the character of Christ in your less-than-perfect body.
Carol McLeod,
Becoming Well Balanced
“he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8). James taught about the testing of our faith and experiencing trials of different kinds. He said that when our faith it tested, it …
Anneta Pinto,
Reflections Over Tumultuous Times – Charlaine Martin
Image by Pixabay. I don’t know about you, but 2020 proved to test even the most resolved, steady person. The true colors of many people have shown what they really believe about faith issues, caring concern about others, and the ability of some to agree to disagree over a host...
Charlaine Martin,
The Divine Purpose Behind Difficult People — Carol McLeod Ministries
How many of you have a difficult person in your life? Perhaps some of you have more than one difficult person you encounter daily. Maybe some of you ARE the difficult person in a relationship … have you ever thought about that?! Difficult people&nbs
Carol McLeod,

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