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In every act of love and forgiveness, there is a silent prayer of hope and spiritual renewal
Love and forgiveness are the beacons of hope, guiding you through the challenges of life. These acts go beyond simple expressions of emotion; they embody a deeper spiritual truth, a silent prayer of hope and renewal. When you choose to love, you reflect the unconditional love that the Creator has...
Kathleen Orenza,
Always treat people with kindness, it's a gift you give yourself
Treating people with kindness is one that you give to yourself. It is the act of treating people with kindness. Such a simple thing, really, yet it reaches deep into our souls. It spreads love and compassion in gentle waves, touching lives in the quietest of ways.You see, when you...
Kathleen Orenza,
To every child of imperfect parents - Today Can Be Different
If you are a child of an imperfect, yet a sincerely caring parent, what would you like to say to your mom or dad ~ or both? If you are one of those imperfect parents, yet sincerely tried to be a good mom or dad, what would you like to say to your children?
Sheryl H. Boldt,
Struggling With Hate During This Month of Love? - Today Can Be Different
Every day, we choose to sin against God in different ways. Thankfully, when we confess our sins, our heavenly Father graciously and readily forgives us.
Sheryl H. Boldt,
Keep a Tender Heart — Carol McLeod Ministries — Carol McLeod Ministries
This world is such a harsh place at times, isn’t it? That is why it is so important to keep a tender heart. Social Media is cruel … people’s expectations are exacting … and the news is tormenting. Oh! How I long to keep a tender heart.
Carol McLeod,
Let's Forgive Like We Want To Be Forgiven - Today Can Be Different
The more we thank God for the endless grace and mercy He extends to us, the more we’re able to reflect our identity in Him toward those we share life with. Let’s aim to do this well. Let’s seek to destroy the enemy’s plan to keep us from experiencing a better, more Christ-like way of living.
Sheryl H. Boldt,
Dads, Your Humble Willingness to Apologize to Your Kids Speaks Volumes - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries
I love what we hear from Tony Evans and his son Anthony in this video about the need for fathers to apologize to their children.
Randy Alcorn,
Finding Freedom in Forgiveness
Forgiveness is not once and done for us finite and fallible human beings; it is an ongoing process of the heart. Often we can offer forgiveness for an “offense” and never think about it…
Keri L. Willis,
Kindness— A Small Act, a Big Difference
|Kindness— A Simple Act with a Big Impact| Okay, so it’s nothing new that our world is chaotic and demanding; getting caught up in our uncertainties and perplexities is easy. We may lose sight of t…
Paula Short,
What A Mess!
This morning one of my fears came true! As I lifted my husband’s delicious casserole out of the oven about five minutes before it needed to…
Emily van Rijn,

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