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How to Interpret Difficult Bible Verses
​There’s nothing like grabbing a cup of coffee, sitting down to read your Bible, only to be confronted with a verse like Judges 21:20, 21: Then they commanded the Benjamites: Go and hide in the vineyards. Watch, and when you see the young women of Shiloh come out to perform...
Alisa Childers,
5 Apologetics Questions Every Christian Should Learn How To Answer
​In my years of studying apologetics, several themes tend to pop up over and over again. This post will address the 5 questions I think every Christian needs to be aware of, and be able to answer. All of these questions require further commentary, and I plan to write a...
Alisa Childers,
Does the Old Testament Expect Us to Keep Slaves?
​Famed neuroscientist, philosopher, and atheist Sam Harris, in his Letter To A Christian Nation, wrote:Consider the question of slavery. The entire civilized world now agrees that slavery is an abomination….Consult the Bible, and you will discover that the creator of the universe clearly expects us to keep slaves. What is...
Alisa Childers,
The Test of Faith—October 28 Bible Reading Plan - Denise Pass
Will you pass the test? There is a test that we all must go through—the test of faith. But god will help us in each test we face.
Denise Pass,
Are Some Sins More Sinful?
Are there different degrees of sin? Is it worse to commit adultery than steal? Or to murder than lie? Or to commit idolatry than …
Russ Sharrock,

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