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Bible Names And Meanings - Part 3 - Pursuing Intimacy With God
Part 3 of Bible Names and Meanings. Detailed study of Bible names & meanings, from Aaron to Zechariah. Biblical names are significant, showing character traits.
Kevin Bart,
Additional Biblical Names And Meanings - Pursuing Intimacy With God
A list of additional Biblical names and meanings. 3 part series on important Biblical names and their meanings. Names have significant meanings in the Bible
Kevin Bart,
What Would You Name Yourself? — Vaneetha Risner
What we name ourselves, what we are telling ourselves in the midst of our pain, will profoundly impact us.
Vaneetha Risner,
Advent Meditation:  Why did Matthew trace genealogy of Jesus to Joseph?  He wasn't his father.
Why does Matthew bother with tying the genealogy of Jesus to Joseph who was NOT the paternal seed of Jesus? Why trace back the line of Joseph’s ancestry if he was not at all responsible for the…
Gina Williamson,
9 Worthwhile Lessons We Can Learn from Leah in the Bible
Oh, Leah in the Bible! The Bible is a treasure trove of stories and events from every spectrum. We get to meet great leaders like David or evil kings such as Solomon in this book that has it all: humor mixed with sadness too! Thewomen throughout these pagesare just as diversified – some strong ones
Sue Nelson,

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