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Stay in the Death of Christ, Walk in Newness of Life
Romans 6:2-5 speaks abut our being baptized into the death of Christ, remaining there, and also entering into newness of life in His resurrection. This prepares us for New Jerusalem. The reality of…
Don Martin,
Death→New Covenant→Eternal Inheritance
New Jerusalem is the consummation of the new covenant established by our Lord in His death (Luke 22:20). Hebrews 9:14 tells us Christ offered Himself to God on the cross and through the eternal Spi…
Don Martin,
Jesus Became The Ultimate Sacrifice For The World -
The burnt offerings in the Old Testament were quite a to-do. We can be thankful that Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice for the world.
Robin McKinley,
Jesus Became The Ultimate Sacrifice For The World
Our sacrifice of praise is a sweet aroma to the Lord.
Robin McKinley,
What are the functions of the Blood of Jesus? Part-1 - Raising Zion
The blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross is the best thing that could happen to a believer. Of the many functions and here are a few.
Nehemiah Zion,
The Ultimate Sacrifice for Sinful Man
We can be extremely thankful that Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of man. The burnt offerings instituted by God in the Old Testament were quite
Robin McKinley,
The Word of Reconciliation
The gospel message is a general call to faith—one that is extended indiscriminately to all who hear it. In fact, the apostle Paul uses much stronger words thancallorinvitation. He says it is “as though God weremaking an appealthrough us; webegyou on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God” (2 Corinthians 5:20, emphasis added). The Appeal
John MacArthur,
Holy Spirit: Who is the Holy Spirit
Read:- Joel 28-30. John 14:25, 26, 15:26,27. 16:7,12-15. Act 1:8 1) The Holy Spirit a. He is God. Act. 5:3,4. 1cort. 3:16,17. 6:19,20 b. He is an eternal being. Heb 9:14 c. He is the Ho…
Babatope Babalobi,
Who Is the Holy Spirit? - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries
When it comes to the Holy Spirit, we need to make sure everything we believe lines up with Scripture.
Randy Alcorn,
The Offense of the Cross
The mission of the church is not to win the world’s admiration. Many of today’s best-known evangelical strategists and the leading practitioners of “missional” methodology seem not to grasp that simple point. They constantly encourage young evangelicals to “engage the culture” and defer to the rules of political correctness. When they translate that counsel into
John MacArthur,

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