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As much as I tried to climb out of that space, it very quickly became evident that I was not able to pull myself out. I remember looking up and could see the sky and the clouds above me. I had the thought that I was glad that I was going to heaven because this was how I was going to die.
Rachael Groll,
My musings on turning 40 and what life holds from here on out
My musings on turning the age of 40. I’m thinking about where my life has been and where God is taking me in the years to come.
Susan Mcilmoil,
On a Journey
Life is often seen as a journey to God that begins at conception and ends at death. The start of the journey can be difficult. Some peo…
Russ Sharrock,
Celebrating You (2 Packs of Birthday Candles) -
Just think how many packs of birthday candles will be needed 10,000 years into eternity! What things are keeping you from celebrating today?
Jennifer Waddle,
God has a womb.  Meditate upon and enter in.
More often in the blogs, I have been referencing visual images behind words that define them. These pictures are meant to help you meditate on God’s Word, know him better, help you pray, and…
Gina Williamson,
Growing Old God’s Way
There is something which everybody wants and yet almost everyone fears: growing old. Old age has many frightening aspects: an aging …
Russ Sharrock,
5 Inspiring Tips for How to Deal with Aging from a Godly Perspective
How to deal with aging doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Our culture focuses on the superficial but God focuses on the eternal. Read 5 Tips on how to look at aging in a new way.
Mary Armand,
5 Inspiring Ways to Beat Inaccurate Perceptions - Jeanne Takenaka
Q4U: What’s one truth that helps you keep an accurate mindset about how God views you? When have inaccurate perceptions impacted how you saw the facets of your life? God has had to recalibrate my inaccurate perceptions throughout my life. When I struggled with rejection issues? Yup, God was kind enough to help me reframe my perspective. When life’s hard bowled me over with the force of a tidal wave? God was gracious and reminded me of His truths. Click to read this week’s blog post to learn five ways I have learned to reframe inaccurate perceptions about myself and God.
Jeanne Takenaka,
Praying Scripture— Aging
Scripture “Even when you are old, I will take care of you; even when you have gray hair, I will carry you. I made you, and I will support you; I will carry you and rescue you.” Isaiah 4…
Paula Short,
The Kind of Sorrow We Need
We love the picture of God as a shepherd. We like the idea of being sheep. We imagine a peaceful pastoral scene of a shepherd keeping watch over his flock. What a beautiful picture of humanity.
Greg Laurie,

Group of Brands