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He Speaks
“Or, God might get their attention through pain…” Job 33:19a (MSG) God has a hierarchy to many things, and not to be old fashion but that applies to marriages as well. Why? And what does that m…
Mark Brady,
For whom the Lord loves he chastens Hebr. 12:6
Chastening does not always lead to repentance It is clear from the Bible that chastening does not always equal repentance and improvement, but this is still the aim with the chastening. We are warn…
Elihu, The Passerby
Elihu is the fourth person to address Job and provide an explanation for his suffering. Elihu is not mentioned in the prologue for being a friend of Job (Job 2:11). Elihu is also not mentioned amon…
Claude F. Mariottini,

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