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Thoughtful Thursday: Enigmatic Justice - Denise Pass
Job 40:8 “Would you indeed annul my justice? Would you declare me guilty so that you might be right?” Proverbs 19:3 “A person’s folly subverts his way, and his heart rages against the LORD.” Job 1:22 “Through all this Job did not sin or blame God for doing anything wrong.” “It’s not fair!” is the […]
Denise Pass,
The Speeches of Yahweh
The suffering of Job has caused many people to ask questions about the goodness of God. One question people often ask is whether God sends suffering for no reason. As people suffer and pray asking …
Claude F. Mariottini,
Job: Why Is This Happening
The book of Job tells the story of a righteous man who struggled with the fact that his God was tormenting him with a very painful skin disease. Throughout his life, Job had lived a godly life. He …
Claude F. Mariottini,

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