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16th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Good Shepherds and Bad Shepherds
Many times as I walk around the Baclaran shrine after the services at night, I could see devotees deep in prayer and silence. What catches most intensely my attention is the number of people who ar…
Joseph Echano,
Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead Us
“ …shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.” Luke 2:8 “ Jesus said: I am the Good Shepherd: the Good …
Emily van Rijn,
Why I Believe in Jesus—He is the Good Shepherd
I wrote previously about the night I called out to Jesus and the effect that had on my life, but I want to share more about where I was before that night. I got “saved” and was baptized in 1996 whe…
Amanda Carey,
DO YOU KNOW JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU? - Growing Through God's Word
Do You know Jesus is there for you? by Mary Haskett. “What a joy to know that God loves us and through the challenges and stumbles of life He is there to help.”
Janis Cox,
Beginner's 2 Minute Meditation
Be led into God’s presence with the help of this guided meditation! Psalm 23 inspires the prayer time and helps you enter soul rest!
Gina Williamson,
How did Jesus sweat blood in prayer?
Jesus’ panic attack. Why he sweat blood. What was He experiencing? Have you experienced just a small portion of the fears he face? Why did he follow through and face His fears? Meditate upon the Good Shepherd.
Gina Williamson,
4th Sunday of Easter: Hearing Jesus’ Voice
Tomorrow, May 13, 2019, more than 60 million Filipinos will go to the polls for the synchronized local and national elections. COMELEC says that there are 61,843,750 registered voters in the Phili…
Joseph Echano,
How To Connect With God Spiritually In Order To Develop Adequately - Christian Personal Development
Learn these 4 authentic steps to connect with God spiritually. Don’t embrace the false channels that are available today. Please read this article.
Sesan Oguntade,
Varför kallade Jesus Petrus för SATAN i Matt. 16:23?
Petrus är Satan? Jesus kom till världen för att dö för oss. Det finns ingen förlåtelse utan blod. Joh. 10:11 Jag är den gode herden. Den gode herden ger sitt liv för fåren. —15 liksom Fadern …
Annika Björk,
2009 prophecy for christians
Memorise: “I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep” (John 10:11) Read: John 10:6-11 Pastor E. Adeboye RCCG “Take heed unto thyself, and unto the d…
Babatope Babalobi,

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