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It's Okay to Have Doubts
It’s okay to doubt. To question. To explore. To implore! Having doubts is not the same as unbelief. We are disciples of Christ, after all, and the definition of disciple (mathétés) is “learner, pupil.”
Denise Kohlmeyer,
Vad menade Jesus med “DET ÄR FULLBORDAT”? (Joh. 19:30)
Joh. 19:30 När Jesus hade fått det sura vinet, sade han: “Det är fullbordat.” Och han böjde ner huvudet och gav upp andan “Det är fullbordat” är översatt från det grekiska o…
Annika Björk,
The Sovereign Savior
Salvation is a creative work of God, not a do-it-yourself project for sinners. Second Corinthians 5:17is an oft-quoted verse that illustrates this: “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” The point of that statement should be clear: Salvation is accomplished solely and
John MacArthur,
Is Substitutionary Atonement Just a Type of "Cosmic Child Abuse" That Christians Came Up With in the Middle Ages?
​ ​Did you ever think you'd be living in a day when believing in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus' blood would be controversial among Christians? Welcome to 2018, when saying "Jesus died for my sins" is considered at best a pagan idea (1) and at worst "psychologically damaging" to children....
Alisa Childers,

Group of Brands