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Shepherd, Father, and King
In my last blog entry, I wrote about Jesus being our Shepherd, Father, and King.
Greg Laurie,
Losing to Win
Lessons drawn from Genesis 32:22-30 Jacob wrestles with God • verse 24a "And Jacob was left alone." God is personal. He will providentially set you in a place where He can commune with you and put His message across. Whether that's in your room, kitchen, toilet, car or even in...
Nic Ramos,
A Call to Passionate, Persistent Prayer
By Greg Laurie – “A Call to Passionate, Persistent Prayer” – Keep seeking. Keep knocking. Don’t give up.
Greg Laurie,
What happens when a national church rules that God is no longer male?
By Elizabeth Prata In 2010 I reported on a stunning move by the Scottish Episcopal Church to change all male-oriented language to gender neutral language. Well 13 years ago it was stunning. A new o…
Elizabeth Prata,
Risen and reigning (Matthew 28:1-10)
God’s government arrived with an empty tomb. I doubt any of Jesus’ followers could sleep after his crucifixion. The men kept a low profile, fearing for their lives. If the leader had been crucified, what would they do to his followers? Their best chance was blending into the crowds returning...
Allen Browne,
Friendship with God: Is It Really Possible?
By Greg Laurie – A Christian’s friendship with God is even closer than the friendship that Moses had with God.
Greg Laurie,
Raising Questions About Raising Jesus
Do you remember the first time you heard the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection? I can’t. For those of us who were raised in a church-going family, it’s one of those stories that’s . .. well, …
Lynn H. Pryor,
Welcome to the Family! - Enjoying the Journey
Recently I have had the privilege of saying to several new believers: “Welcome to the family!” The joy of seeing […]
Scott Pauley,
The passion (Jerusalem)
We’re about to enter Jerusalem, focusing on the last hours of Jesus’ life.
Allen Browne,
What Makes Christian Prayer Distinctive?
Across cultures and religions, people pray. How is Christian prayer different? The question helps us clarify our faith.
Allen Browne,

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