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Internally focused and off track – Attempts at Honesty
I once worked for a company that was very good at holding meetings. Some of the managers in that company could spend their entire work day in meetings. The problem was that most of the meetings were internally focused and too often the needs of the customers were ignored.
Mark H. McIntyre,
God’s kingdom and the church
What’s God’s vision for the church? Is your church demonstrating communal life as our king desires?
Allen Browne,
How to Receive True Riches
You don’t buy or earn your way into an inheritance. The Greek word translated “inheritance” (klēronomia, 1 Peter 1:4) speaks of possessions passed down from generation to generation. You receive them simply because you’re a family member. The apostle Peter describes the means by which believers gain membership in the family of God: “[He] caused us … Continued
John MacArthur,
20 Characteristics of false teachers
In Brannon House’s this week’s Worldview Weekend Hour TV Program Topic he covered 20 Characteristics of False Teachers. The teaching was one hour. I wrote down the points and their attendant …
Elizabeth Prata,

Group of Brands