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Tents and tentmaking
By Elizabeth Prata The Lord has arranged my life so that now, though I have been a classroom teacher in the past, I am now a teacher’s aide. I am grateful because I still get to teach kids, b…
Elizabeth Prata,
Study the Bible Before You Need It
Each lesson has: questions based on the Bible and space for writing in answers commentary giving insights into the text practical application and instruction “Letter from God.” Many of the stories about biblical characters are focused on women, making it a unique study. Here are the topics of the 10 lessons: Lesson 1—Courage Representing God Lesson 2—Courageous in Serving Lesson 3—Courageously Overcoming Discouragement Lesson 4—Courageous Within My Family Lesson 5—Courageous in My Church Lesson 6—Courageously Standing Against Popular Opinion Lesson 7—Courageously Standing Against Evil Lesson 8—Courageously Standing for God at Work Lesson 9—Courageously Facing Temptation Lesson 10—Courageous Jesus, Our Inspiration Here’s Lesson 1 of “Heart of Courage.” I hope it encourages you. Verse 15 tells us, “Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress.” The Greek word for progress, prokopē, is the idea of “cut forward” or “advance.” God is encouraging us to continue growing a little at a time.
Kathy Collard Miller,
Book Drawing for MY New Book: “Heart of Courage”
I’m excited to announce and offer a book drawing for my new book, “Heart of Courage: Daughters of the King Bible Study Series”
Kathy Collard Miller,
An Unexpected Aspect of My Cancer Journey (AND win my latest book–just released!)
My newest book (my 59th!) was just released two days ago. It’s a women’s Bible study on courage: “Heart of Courage: Daughters of the King Bible Study Series”
Kathy Collard Miller,

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