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Is the Controversy over "Social Justice" Really Necessary?
I do not relish controversy, and I particularly dislike engaging in polemical battles with other evangelical Christians. But as my previous posts in this series demonstrate, when the gospel is under attack from within the visible church, such controversy is necessary. And if it seems fierce disagreements within the church have been the rule rather
John MacArthur,
In which Scripture is a Mountain, Not a Plateau, but It is All Treasure | Dreaming Beneath the Spires
The Greek Sculpture The Spear Bearer and Michelangelo’s David I read Scripture as a mountain with the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament building up to the revelation of Jesus Christ in the Gospels. Acts and the letters of Jesus’s disciples then grapple with the seismic, big bang revelation of Jesus Christ. And so our […]
Anita Mathias,
Who is My Neighbor? | Luke 10:25–37
Welcome to Real Life. The other day, I found myself living a parable. Helping a person will not necessarily change the world, but it will c…
Peggi Tustan,
COVID-19 Food (& Toilet Paper) for Thought - Little Mama of Faith
We are all trying to understand and deal with the Coronavirus in our own ways, day by day, hour by hour. May we not pass judgment on others who prepare and equip themselves in ways we don’t understand because they differ from ours. May we now more than ever love our neighbors as ourselves and show empathy, patience and kindness.
Terri Kirby,
Putting Jesus to The Test - Damon J. Gray
This week we see part one of a two-part blog posting. Here, we will examine the question Jesus is asked, and next week we will study his answer to that question. In the Gospel of Luke, we find the account of a contentious interaction between Jesus and an expert in the Law. I think it…
Damon J. Gray,
Jesus evades verbal traps–then springs one of his own. | Dreaming Beneath the Spires
Matthew 22 23–45, Blog Through the Bible ProjectJesus comes across here as strong, intelligent, resourceful, with considerable presence of mind and courage. He thinks on his feet, fast and calmly.This one man, along, can stand up to a crowd of pharisees, saducees and lawyers.Go, Jesus, go, and give us your spirit, please. […]
Anita Mathias,
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Love and Do what you Like
St Augustine, in his homily on the First Epistle of John, remarked, “Love – and do what you like.”[1] St. Augustine’s tenet expresses the theme of today’s readings. Love is the very core of C…
Joseph Echano,
How Not to Love Your Neighbor - Amy Lively
After a twenty year hiatus, I returned to Jesus wholeheartedly. After two decades walking without Him, I was all into The Greatest Commandment.
Amy Lively,
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time: In God’s Love, We Live and Move and Have our Being
St Augustine, in his homily on the First Epistle of John, remarked, “Love – and do what you like.”[1] St. Augustine’s tenet expresses the theme of the readings of today’s 30th Sunday in ordin…
Joseph Echano,
Wealth and the Spiritual Life, Matthew 19 16-30 | Dreaming Beneath the Spires
H/t Asbo JesusMatthew 19 16-30The Rich and the Kingdom of God 16 Just then a man came up to Jesus and asked, “Teacher, what good thing must I do to get eternal life?”He has the longing for spiritual things that many good people have. 17 “Why do you ask me about what is good?” Jesus replied. “There is only One who […]
Anita Mathias,

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