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Sturdy pt.2
In honour of Fathers’ day which was celebrated across the world on Sunday 16th June 2019, this blog post is dedicated to all our awesome daddies. Guest Writer, Victor Adewumi shares his perspective…
Morenike Ajidagba,
Coming Home To God (Thoughts for a Prodigal) - Ron Edmondson
Jesus told this parable, not so much about a boy, foolish in his youth who squanders away all his wealth and then comes cowering back to an expectant father. Even though that is what occurs in the story, this story is about you and me.
Ron Edmondson,
The First Move in Forgiveness
God is no reluctant forgiver. In fact, He is always the one initiating reconciliation. And Christ powerfully portrayed that reality in His parable of the prodigal son. “But while [the prodigal son] was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion for him, and ran and embraced him and kissed him”
John MacArthur,
A Prodigal Son Finally Comes Home - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries
I got to meet Christopher, and his parents Leon and Angelia Yuan, when we were both speaking in 2017 at an apologetics conference.
Randy Alcorn,
Sunday Stillness - What is God Calling You to Do? - Growing Through God's Word
Sunday Stillness – What is God calling you to do? We have to make an expression of the new life, to form the mind of Christ ~ Oswald Chambers. AHA – Don’t get stuck in the pigpen. That’s how Kyle Idleman puts it in his new book, AHA. Remember the prodigal son – he woke… Continue reading Sunday Stillness – What is God Calling You to Do?
Janis Cox,
Truly Amazing Grace
Do you see your sin the way God sees it? Do you understand the way you offend your heavenly Father—on a daily basis—through your pride, selfishness, and greed? We’re too familiar with sin to appreciate the depth of our own wretchedness. And even as believers, we can grow complacent when it comes to God’s grace.
John MacArthur,
A Message to Discouraged Dads for Father's Day
By Greg Laurie – I think fathers are the unsung heroes of our culture. I want to offer a word of encouragement to all of them.
Greg Laurie,
Heavy burdens creating anxiety... plus Psalm 23 tomorrow
Heavy burdens creating anxiety are weighing down the Lord’s people. If there is a common thread in prayer need right now, I am seeing this is it. Anxieties are not just weighing down; they are…
Gina Williamson,
Are Christians Bored Killjoys? Far from It
Blog by Greg Laurie – “Are Christians Bored Killjoys? Far from It” – Everything we’re looking for in life is found in a relationship with God.
Greg Laurie,
4 Consequences when Life is Overtaken by Sin - Christian Perspectives
4 feelings we experience when Life is Overtaken by Sin. We Feel Abandoned by God, like a Worm, Far from God, and We Feel Weak
Robin McKinley,

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