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Waiting on God — Broken & Hopeful
Sometimes I think about the story of Mary and Joseph and realize that I forget the reality of what it would have been like. This girl-woman is told by an angel that her whole world is shifting and won’t be what she had thought.
Hannah Morrell,
When You Feel Stuck — Broken & Hopeful
When you feel stuck–like nothing is changing, and your work produces no noticeable harvest. When the prayers seem to go unanswered, and the tears of frustration fall. When all around seems to be moving, but you have no traction or hope. Remember this. You are not stuck.
Hannah Morrell,
Whatever Today Brings — Broken & Hopeful
Whatever today brings. Whether it be the same old thing again or a new chapter you never wanted to begin. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. If you are looking at the same battle you’ve fought a thousand times in a thousand ways with no energy left to fight. Or if you are approaching a new
Hannah Morrell,
50 Inspiring quotes to strengthen your Faith
In life, we all face moments that challenge our spirit. The right words can guide us back to hope and faith during these times. The purpose of this blog is to share timeless words of wisdom. Whether you are looking for comfort or a spark to get you believing again,...
Jepryll Torremoro,
Prayers for divine promotions
Luke 1:37; for God nothing shall be impossible. 1. I bind every spirit of bondage fashioned against me, in Jesus’ name 2. I bind every spirit of heaviness, in the name of Jesu…
Babatope Babalobi,
Christians You Should Know: Amy Carmichael - Enjoying the Journey
“For with God nothing shall be impossible.” – Luke 1:37 A Snapshot of the Life of Amy Carmichael: Born: Dec. […]
Scott Pauley,
The Opportunity of a Lifetime
Opportunity comes and goes, One thing I know, negativity and inability to court possibilities, blinds you to the opportunity of a lifetime.
Donna Bucher,
Why Can’t We Trust God Like We Trust a Map?
I learned recently that I was a Thing of Wonder to my sons when they were little. (They’ve long since changed their opinion.) My oldest son recently told me, “When I was little and we&#…
Lynn H. Pryor,
The 4 Amazing Benefits of Daily Prayer
The Benefits of Daily Prayer are numerous and help us grow close to God. Prayer also creates a place of calm and quiet away from the busyness of life.
Mary Armand,
Whatever You Do, Let Them See Your Hope
Despite the not-so-uncommon view that the hope of this world is found in politics or prosperity or possessions, one brush with eternity, and your perspective can change in a heartbeat. Hope has a n…
Vickie Munton,

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