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What is the gospel of the kingdom?
When you hear the word “gospel”, do you think of God’s kingship being restored on the earth? Jesus did.
Allen Browne,
Jesus the activist
Jesus was an activist. But what did he target? Openly denouncing Pharisees. Eating meals with prostitutes. Overturning the temple. Jesus was disturbingly confronting to the social structures of his day. Gentle Jesus, meek and mild? Not so much. Jesus cannot be tamed. And yet, Jesus’ activism was specifically targeted. He...
Allen Browne,
Responding to the gospel of the kingdom
What response should people make to the gospel? The way you answer that question reveals what you think the gospel is.
Allen Browne,
Jesus Preached the Kingdom of God - NewCREEations
The Kingdom of God was a high priority for Jesus. Much of his earthly ministry was invested in explaining God’s Kingdom to us and showing how to live there.
Chris Cree,
The incredible message
The gospel is the one message the church must embody. Why don’t Aussies find it credible?
Allen Browne,
Jesus, Why Are You Here?
Yesterday, we celebrated something unprecedented – God took on flesh and pitched his tent among humanity.1 It is unprecedented because it had never happened before, and no other faith throughout history even purports that such a thing could, would, or did happen. Not only do other faiths and cultures not speak of Immanuel (God with us), many find…
Damon J. Gray,
God’s kingdom and salvation
How does the kingdom of God relate to the message of salvation?
Allen Browne,
The gospel of peace (Ephesians 6:15)
Gospel of peace? A beatnik fabrication? A substitute for serious doctrine? Actually, it’s in the Bible. I can see how peace would be good news for the world, but how is that the gospel?
Allen Browne,
Forgiveness of sins (Luke 24:47)
If the gospel isn’t a message about personal guilt, why did Jesus commission his followers to announce “repentance for the forgiveness of sins in his name?”
Allen Browne,
The gospel: a summary
(Photo: Unsplash) You’ve asked for a short gospel summary. How does this sound? The gospel is the good news that God’s anointed (Christ) is our global leader (Lord). The gospel is: Jesus Christ is Lord. This is God’s gospel. When those who claimed to be in power crucified the glorious...
Allen Browne,

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