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Love God with abandonment, and love your neighbor as you love yourself. That central principle is the very heart and soul of Scripture.
Randy Alcorn,
How do you love God?
This should trigger discussion in your small group: What does it mean to love God? I mean, it might be important if Jesus placed it in the top two: love God + love people.
Allen Browne,
Richard Rohr, Jen Hatmaker, and the Millennial Obsession With Mysticism — The Alisa Childers Podcast #48
​Richard Rohr is a Franciscan Friar who is captivating a generation of spiritual seekers and progressive Christians. Recently, Jen Hatmaker had him as a guest on her podcast, and in today's episode, Marcia Montenegro and I analyze their discussion. Person 4/26/2019 03:08:47 pm I took one of their “ tests”...
Alisa Childers,
Bible study: The Character of Jesus
Babatope Babalobi: + 2348035897435 Spiritual life As a Preacher He started preaching at age 12. He loved the Church, He loved to be in the house of the Lord than anywhe…
Babatope Babalobi,
Links to video sermons by Babatope Babalobi
Kindly find below links to 1000 video sermons by Babatope Babalobi posted on youtube. 10 most popular video sermons Marriage: I want to get married now! Prayers to stop evil dreams and night Delive…
Babatope Babalobi,

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