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This Yoke is Easy? Following Jesus in a Post Christian Society - Lauren Sparks
In a culture that is more and more hostile to Jesus followers, let’s discuss how exactly His yoke is easy and His burden light.
Lauren Sparks,
How to Rest in God's Presence
How do you take time to rest? I’m not talking about what you do on the weekends when you’re off work. I’m talking about how you weave rest into the very fabric of your day-to-day life. Jesus understood what it was like to be busy. He taught people daily, performed miracles, and traveled from town to town. But he also understood the importance of rest. And not just any type of rest—true rest. The kind of rest that would sustain him and prepare him for the work that God called him to do on eart…
Cole Feix,
How To Carry The Light Burden In Christ? - Raising Zion
Every human being on the planet is worried and burdened about something or the other. Jesus says to carry the light burden in Him.
Nehemiah Zion,
Rest in Him
We are believing God in this season for restoration of the things lost or stolen from us. Notice the word rest-oration is derived from rest. In order for restoration to take place we have to find r…
Anneta Pinto,
How to Follow Jesus in a God Forsaken World - Raising Zion
Do you follow Jesus, Christian? What is Jesus saying when it comes to following Him? What is the cost of walking in the truth of God’s word?
Nehemiah Zion,
Living Beyond Sunday - Living in Forgiveness - Forgiving our Enemies — iWork4Him
Forgiving our Enemies – You may ask yourself why focus on something that is OBVIOUSLY so Christian? Jesus was pretty clear that forgiveness is central to the work that He did on earth. You will find FREEDOM in FORGIVENESS!
Jim Brangenberg,
How to overcome mental health issues? - Raising GENERATION Zion
Jesus directly spoke about mental health issues, and that is why Christians are able to overcome anxiety by the Word and Spirit
Nehemiah Zion,
Letting Go of Your Burden - Damon J. Gray
CONTENT WARNING: This article will be addressing sexual abuse and the church. If this is a topic that you find objectionable, please stop reading now. What I describe below is something that, until now, I have told no one other than my wife and my eldest sister. Even my parents went to their graves not…
Damon J. Gray,
The Yoke of Love — The Spacious Place
Many of us are feeling heavily burdened these days. Almost a quarter of all Americans experienced some sort of mental health condition in 2022. For young adults this number rose to over a third. There are numerous reasons for this. Covid, technology, social isolation, global instability, and politic
Shay S. Mason,
How To Know How Hard It Is To Live Life? - Raising Zion
Everyone wants to know how hard it is to live this life on earth. An easier, simpler life is possible on earth, but the answer lies with God.
Nehemiah Zion,

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