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When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn…What We Can Learn from Mary
Life wasn’t turning out like I thought it would. There would be no gaggle of laughing children filling my home, no crowded kitchen table at mealtimes, no juggling of kids’ busy schedules. My first child would be my only child. And while I was so grateful to have this walking, talking, bundle of love, this wasn’t the way I had envisioned life unfolding. Read more...
Sharon Jaynes,
Why Bethlehem?
Why Bethlehem? “Bethlehem Ephrathah,you are small among the clans of Judah;one will come from youto be ruler over Israel for me.His origin is from antiquity,from ancient times.” [Prophe…
Vickie Munton,
Who was Mary of Nazareth and 13 Inspiring Lessons We Can Learn From Her
The story of Christ’s birth has always been a favorite for me to read on Christmas Eve. I love how it brings our family together to celebrate Jesus’ birth and Mary of Nazareth. Mary’sfaithis truly amazing. What must have gone through her mind when Gabriel, the angel, approached her? How must she have felt when
Sue Nelson,

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