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Google Doomsday Clock Showing A Hidden Message About The End Time
Here we are, hearing about "Google Doomsday Clock" with a hidden message reminding the world and Christians about the imminent...
Anthony Eshun,
A Warning to Miracle-mongers
I abhor miracle-mongers. These are the people who clamor to see or experience a miracle but do not know the first thing about the other attributes of God. These are the people who come to church on…
Elizabeth Prata,
Is Nigeria a safe country? - Christian Personal Development
This post, Is Nigeria a safe country, will give you an uncommon answer that will get you thinking. Please read this guide today
Sesan Oguntade,
Deliverance Prayers over satanic agents
Obad. 1:3-4 Satanic agents also attack individuals. They seek to deceive and discourage. They cause division among the offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; avoid them” (Romans 1…
Babatope Babalobi,
I was asked about Harry Potter books, but I think Disney is worse
By Elizabeth Prata A reader asked about the Harry Potter books, and if I’d do a critique. I have only read two of books in that series, so I can’t do a deep critique, but I can offer a …
Elizabeth Prata,
Remaining stagnated spiritually in life is deadly - Raising Zion
Are you stagnated spiritually? It is neither good for the believer nor for the church. As believers we need to be responsible for others too.
Nehemiah Zion,
Strange light in the sky, ABC 15 reports it’s seen in several states
A very bright light shone in the night sky over Phoenix, and it was so bright it was seen in neighboring states. Phoenix’s ABC News got tons of calls about the light so the news organization …
Elizabeth Prata,
"The need for Discernment", Average Us, Glenn Beck
So sorry for the short blog today. I am in the middle of something and I can’t concentrate on anything else right now…again, apologies. Here is a starter paragraph from Mike Gendron at …
Elizabeth Prata,
‘Alien landing’ prank causes panic in Jordan
The BBC reports:”The mayor of Jafr, 185 miles east of Jordan’s capital Amman, is considering suing a newspaper after their April Fools Day joke caused widespread panic. Jordanian paper …
Elizabeth Prata,
Are you on milk, or meat?
“By now, Christian, you should be eating solid food in your walk with Christ. If you have been saved for a while but still regard the bible as too deep, can’t understand it, and donR…
Elizabeth Prata,

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