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Advent - A Time of Signs, Dreams, Visions. . . Miracles Are Coming - Booty and Treasures fer All!
Today’s Christian seldom expects miracles. Oh sure, during Advent we recount the birth of Christ, tell its story, read of how God intervened in human history, but few of us act as if we believe the foolish tales of wise men watching, shepherds praising, and heavenly angels singing. The idea that God’s Holy Spirit would […]
Eddie Jones,
Christmas day sermon: Lessons from the birth of Jesus Christ
Christmas sermon: lessons from the Birth of Jesus Christ Read Mathew 1 and 2; and Luke 1 You shall be rewarded. There is a reward for chastity and purity. Mary would have lost her divine dest…
Babatope Babalobi,
In the Trinity doctrine, God is three Persons in one Being, but Jesus is not God.
The Bible consistently distinguishes between God and Jesus. For example, God is invisible but Jesus is visible.
Andries Jacobus van Niekerk,
In the Trinity theory, God is three Persons in one Being, but Jesus is not God.
This article provides evidence that Jesus is not God, such as many verses that make a distinction between God and Jesus.
Andries Jacobus van Niekerk,

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