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Compare the first words of Satan and the first words of Jesus
Just for follow up on my previous post about the Law of First Mention, look at this:Our adversary’s first words in the bible are:”Yea, hath God indeed said?” (Genesis 3:1)Satan fo…
Elizabeth Prata,
The intersection of Sovereignty and free will
By Elizabeth Prata Read these first- Matthew 4:6 – and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down, for it is written, “‘He will command his angels concerning you,’ and “‘On …
Elizabeth Prata,
Ash Wednesday: Return to God who is Love
This year’s Ash Wednesday coincides with Valentine’s Day. This may sow some confusion to those who observe Valentine’s day every year. Which one do we observe? Or can we celebrate the two together?…
Joseph Echano,
Ash Wednesday: Return to the Heart
Ash Wednesday marks the start of the Lenten season which is a call to return to the heart. This implies that Lent most of all is a call to a transformation from the deepest core of our being. Alth…
Joseph Echano,
A Way To Escape - Enjoying the Journey
One of Satan’s lies is that the besetting sin in your life (you know the one) will always defeat you. […]
Scott Pauley,
Putting God on the spot (Matthew 4:5-7)
Trusting God, or testing God? What’s the difference?
Allen Browne,
Bibelverser om tiggeri, och att hjälpa FATTIGA och FRÄMLINGAR
Israel levde visserligen i en teokrati och under andra lagar än idag, men visst kan vi dra vissa lärdomar av deras liv i Kanaans land – som är återberättat i det Gamla Testamentet. Exempel: G…
Tvingade Gud Judas att förråda Jesus, eller agerade Judas EMOT Guds vilja?
Jordens kungar trädde fram och furstarna församlade sig mot Herren och mot hans Smorde. Ja, sannerligen församlade sig både Herodes och Pontius Pilatus tillsammans med hedningarna och Israels folk …
Why did satan say ‘IF’ you are the Son of God?
By Elizabeth Prata In Matthew 4:3, at the Temptation of Jesus, the devil said to Jesus, And the tempter came and said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.” In…
Elizabeth Prata,
Demons BELIEVE and tremble – faith without deeds is dead
Faith alone is not enough for salvation When Paul told the Philippian jailor in Acts. 16 that he must BELIEVE to be saved, he didn’t have an empty faith in mind but a faith that is the same a…

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