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The Importance of Grandparents (And Alarming Trends that Undermine Them) — I.N.F.O. For Families
Three cheers for grandparents! You can make an argument that in every culture in history, one of the key components in holding families together has been grandparents. Just ask any young family who has a healthy and geographically close relationship with their parents.&a
Barrett Johnson,
Update on the Call and Meditate upon Unhealthy Eyes
I am going back to the place God provided as part-time employment for a little while last year at a wage I haven’t been paid since my 20’s. This week I worked full time getting a training refresher…
Gina Williamson,
Long-View Living in a Short-View World™ - Damon J. Gray
Last week we looked at the calling each of us has in Christ, a calling to “good works which God has prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”1 This week we transition into a natural outcome of responding to that calling. God and Time I have two clocks by my desk at work, one hanging…
Damon J. Gray,
In Days Fraught: "We Should Not Be Too Taken Aback" -
Fraught? Good news: God in His wisdom means to make something of us which we have not attained yet, and is dealing with us accordingly.
Abigail Wallace,

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