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A Recovering "Nice" Minnesotan - Divorce Minister
Hi, my name is David, and I am a recovering “nice” Minnesotan. “Nice” Minnesotans are notorious about not saying what we think or sharing how we feel directly. That does not mean it never comes out. It just usually comes out passive aggressively, dontcha know 😉 While I love how neighborly my fellow Minnesotans can be, this … Continue reading “A Recovering “Nice” Minnesotan”
David Derksen,
Ask For Help Now And Success Will Be Your Portion In Life
Some of us really need to wake up to embrace our human nature. Life is not so easy. Ask for help when things are getting though
Anthony Eshun,
What Are You Asking God For? — Vaneetha Risner
The fear of unanswered prayers and unwanted “no’s” keep us from turning to God with specific requests. So what are you asking God for?
Vaneetha Risner,
Does God Change His Mind When We Pray? — Erica Barthalow
If you’re feeling frustrated and discouraged because it seems like God isn’t answering your prayers, try praying for him to mold your heart to desire what he desires. And perhaps spend a little time in repentance and confession. You’ll find it so cleansing and freeing. He will answer those prayers every time!
Erica Barthalow,
If you’re anything like me, you hate waiting. Impatience is a virtue, but not a good one. It’s true of waiting on God, too. We want our prayers answered pronto. We want God to speak to us, guide us, counsel us immediately. Yet, we know it rarely works like that. We often have to wait. And sometimes a long, long time. In those times of waiting, it’s tempting to rush ahead, to “make it happen,” ourselves. We speak, act, or move in our own strength, power and reasoning, while still thinking we’re s
Denise Kohlmeyer,
Scriptures to Help You FIND What You're Looking For
We all feel lost at times and need a little encouragement and direction. Here are 6 scriptures to help you find what you are looking for.
Melanie Redd,
30 Days of Prayer: Pray for Understanding (Day 2) - Be Whole, Mom
Have you ever felt a little lost in your walk with the Lord, like you weren’t really sure where you were going any longer? Or maybe you kept having these little ideas niggling at you, pinging your soul that something is missing or is not quite right? If so, this day is ALL for you! … Read More about 30 Days of Prayer: Pray for Understanding (Day 2)
Julie Ann Filter,
Knocking on heaven’s door (Matthew 7:7-11)
Jesus said ordinary people like us can invite God’s kingship to earth. Shall we?
Allen Browne,
When God Doesn’t Listen to Your Prayer
There’s a difference between hearing and listening. I can sit in a crowded airport terminal surrounded by a din of noise, but I can be laser-focused on the book I am reading. I’m hearing the noise,…
Lynn H. Pryor,
Simple Truth. Complex Faith.
I am the thorn in His crown. The splinter in His thumb. That tag that is constantly rubbing, and the child that seems to always be whining. And He loves me anyway. I was talking to a young woman re…
Vickie Munton,

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