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When My Life Says "God, It's Supposed to Be This Way..." - Bravester
Why does my life fall too often into the comfort of the “suppose to be’s” complaints? Describing what holy tension is while waiting for something holy.
Brenda Seefeldt Amodea,
Living in Your Holy Tension - Bravester
Holy tension is the discomfort of being stuck in between knowing that if you can make a brave decision something holy is going to happen.
Brenda Seefeldt Amodea,
What Does the Bible Say About Faith?
I remember hesitantly attending a worship night in college when I was in the process of trying to obey God when I really didn’t want to, you know the feeling. He had made it clear through many avenues what it seemed like I should do, but I just didn’t believe it was possible. We’re all friends here, so I can tell you that I showed up to that worship night, ducking in a row with a few college classmates hoping that I could just slip by without encountering God. Of course, God got my attention ins
Molly Wilcox,
Heroes of Faith in the Bible - Christian Personal Development
The stories of these heroes of faith in the Bible will strengthen your Christian faith. The faith stories in this post are stories of people that were most unlikely to be called Bible faith giants but their faith exploits have elevated them to this status.
Sesan Oguntade,
12 Questions for Those Considering Universalism - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries
Universalism offers a semblance of Christianity with the unseemly parts edited out.
Randy Alcorn,
Were the 70 disciples of Jesus the last ones with the gift of healing?
Who were the 70 disciples/apostles? The 70 disciples are those referred to in Luke 10 – who were sent out to preach the gospel (and heal the sick), apart from the 12 disciples mentioned in th…
Annika Björk,
Faith or love: which should you choose?
Do you believe in love? Or do you have faith in it?These two concepts, love and faith, are often intertwined, yet they carry distinct meanings and implications. So, what is faith?Faith is a firm belief in something evidence cannot show or explain. It often includes trusting a higher force, spiritual...
Kathleen Orenza,
How to fly with your faith - Christian Personal Development
If you want to learn how to fly with your faith, then this Bible Short Report edition is just right for you. You must be ready to start flying with your faith if you want to fulfill your God-given assignment or purpose on this earth. Remember that the just shall only live by their faith. […]
Sesan Oguntade,
What is faith in God?: A complete guide - Christian Personal Development
I want to believe you have asked the question, What is faith in God? before. This post is a compltete guide which exposes all you need to know about faith.
Sesan Oguntade,
Missions at the Margins, by Bob Ekblad
Missions at the Margins by Bob Ekblad Dr Bob Ekblad wrote as director of Tierra Nueva and The People’s Seminary in Burlington, Washington. A minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), he holds …
Geoff Waugh,

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