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I Spoke Too Soon | Kathy Collard Miller
I just received notice of Rachel’s comment on my previous post that back pain goes through ups and downs so thank you, Rachel, your comment helps me alot. I tend to think that turning a corner means only “blue skies ahead.” But as Rachel pointed out, that’s not the case and I need to hear that. But Paul wrote in Philippians 1:6 “For I am confident that He who began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus.” In other words, God knows we won’t be perfect now, short of heaven.
Kathy Collard Miller,
Happily Ever After?
Rooster Cogburn: Boots, I got Hayes and some youngster outside with Moon and Quincy. I want you to bury ’em for me. I’m in a hurry. Capt. Boots Finch: They’re dead? Rooster Cogbur…
Mark Brady,
God’s Man
I wait for the light to turn green. I just wanted to get home, so I could sit outside and write. Yesterday was one of those days Chicagoans dream of in the midst of winter. In front of me was a …
Mark Brady,
Beginning, Middle and Ending — Broken & Hopeful
I was watching the show The Chosen recently in which Jesus sends the disciples out in pairs to go spread the good news that He had come (from Mark 6). They were charged to heal, to free from demons and to share what He had taught them with others they encountered. And they were not to take anything
Hannah Morrell,
Getting Out of God's Way - Sharon Jaynes
If you’ve ever wanted to jump in and solve someone else’s problems for them, then this post if for you! Join me in the laundry room. He ironed. I watched. I stood in the door frame of my guestroom, watching my nephew Jonathan iron the wrinkles out of his crumpled shirt, the rumpled creases out of his crumpled heart. Read more...
Sharon Jaynes ,
The Results Will Be Worth the Pain
“Dad, I’m scared,” said my ten year old son. He had a lymph node die in his throat and it was decaying causing swelling and in a few hours it would completely suffocate him. I decided to do someth…
Mark Brady,
Breakthroughs prayers: Its time for my prosperity!
Six month Night Vigil: Month 2 Week 6, Day 4 Section 10: The power to start and finish Read the announcement here: Section A: Praise and worship (12 midnight – 12 20am) Sing songs of praise to God …
Babatope Babalobi,
Hope Eternal — Nicole O'Meara
God is at work, even in the Nesting stage of motherhood. He has not forgotten you. You are not stuck in a repeat cycle of snotty noses and dirty diapers for eternity. Ok, so you’ll be here for a while, but not forever. Keep from being an “eternity amnesiac” by keeping your focus farther down th
Nicole O'Meara,
Prayers over household wickedness
Gethsemane August 1, 2011 – January 31, 2012 Month 1 Week 2, Day 13 Read the announcement here Section A: Praise and worship (12am-12.20 -1am) Sing songs of praise and hymns to the Lord. …
Babatope Babalobi,
Getting Out of God's Way - Sharon Jaynes
He ironed. I watched. I stood in the door frame of my guest room, watching my nephew, Jonathan, iron the wrinkles out of his crumpled shirt – the rumpled creases out of his crumpled heart. He ironed and talked. I watched and listened. Jonathan, my twenty-seven-year-old nephew, stopped by for a visit on his way to a wedding in my hometown. Read more...
Sharon Jaynes ,

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