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Perspectives That Are All the More Significant When You Lose - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries
I can be happy in Jesus tonight even though my favorite team lost the Super Bowl in the final moments. I mean this with all my heart.
Randy Alcorn,
Wisdom’s Path
Pride says, “My way is better”; wisdom says, “God’s way is always best.” While humility has been misconstrued as weakness, pride is often seen as self-esteem or even s…
Vickie Munton,
Finding True Happiness and Keeping It - Lisa Marcelina
Finding true happiness and keeping it may seem elusive. Happiness comes from trusting God, reading the bible and applying it to your life.
Lisa Marcelina Granger,
What Seems Right Isn't—August 9 Bible Reading Plan - Denise Pass
What seems right isn't. In our upside-down world, it can be difficult to know which way is up. But God knows and His plans truly are the best.
Prosperity In The Bible: Things You Should Do To Enjoy God's Blessings
Anytime we hear of prosperity in the Bible, our conscience starts to question every single motive. Find out why and how God wants you to live your life.
Anthony Eshun,
Happy Friday! Are you happier than you were on Thursday?
Joel Osteen, leader of Lakewood Church in Houston has written another book. The title is, “Every Day a Friday: How to Be Happier 7 Days a Week.” It stems from research that says people …
Elizabeth Prata,
The Marketplace and Church
One of the questions pastors get asked is “how should I conduct my business when it involves people from church as potential customers?” To answer this question it is helpful to look at the Gospels; they relate two instances when […]
Tate Kandi,
40 Inspiring Bible Verses About Trust To Keep Relying On God
Sometimes, you may lose hope in yourself and e everyone. Humans are full of weakness. Use these Bible verses about trust to boost your faith.
Anthony Eshun,
44 Inspiring Bible Verses About Leadership
God desires good leaders who are willing to serve him faithfully and care for His sheep. These Bible verses about leadership will help you follow in the steps of Jesus and be a blessing.
Anthony Eshun,

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