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Dealing w/Those Who Project Their Issues Onto Us: - Intercession For A Generation Blog
This is how someone begins projecting onto someone—when someone projects their issues of how they feel onto you as if you are responsible for
Russelyn Williams,
That Crazy Hair Post
Whatever she needed to tell me, it clearly was not easy breezy. "Abigail," Ginnie whispered, her eyes darting from my hair to her bag...
Abigail Wallace,
One Word That's Changing me in 2019 — Vaneetha Risner
When we feel fear and frustration how can we find hope? The New Year is an opportunity to look to God for our peace and comfort, even when we feel frustrated.
Vaneetha Risner,
The Need to be Intentional About Community and Accountability - Intercession For A Generation Blog
He who separates himself seeks his own desire, He quarrels against all sound wisdom. Proverbs 18:1 Normally, when a believer separates himself from friends o
Russelyn Williams,
Let it Begin with Me—August 23 Bible Reading Plan - Denise Pass
There are lots of problems in the world. It can feel overwhelming & we don’t know how we can make a difference. Let it begin with me.
Denise Pass,
How to Love Your Man Even When He Doesn't Listen to You
Ever feel like your man is not really listening to you? Ouch! It hurts! So, what do we do? Discover how to love your man even when he doesn’t listen to you.
Melanie Redd,
5 Habits of the Maturing: - Intercession For A Generation Blog
As believers, we are to be maturing which means we aren’t to stay in the same place, but to grow instead. Everyone may not be at the same level of maturity, b
Russelyn Williams,
Bible lessons on marriage you should remember
Marriage is one of the most beautiful and sacred sacraments known to mankind, but it is not always a bed of roses. Every couple faces challenges at some point in their marriage. From communication breakdowns to financial struggles, every marriage has its ups and downs. In line with this, there are Bible lessons on marriage
Hannah Britanico,
Leading Well for the Long Haul - Charles Stone
Today’s post is a guest post by Larry Osborne, author and pastor of North Coast Church. He gives wise counsel on leading well for the long haul.
Charles Stone,
Why Would I Tell Someone They’ve Hurt Me? — Vaneetha Risner
I usually don’t tell people when they’ve hurt me. I bury my feelings and move on, but I’m realizing there’s a better way…
Vaneetha Risner,

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