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Faith Boot Camp: Training for God's plan for your life -
Worried that God does not have a plan for you? Or do you have purpose but fear of failure. Maybe you are still in faith boot camp, training.
Jon Frederick,
Ask an Older Woman #23: Loving Our Sons Means Showing Respect
My boys don’t just need my love; they need my respect.
Jason Davis,
What He Needs More Than Sex - Impacting Righteously
A man's number one physical need is sex, right? Well, it depends on the man. Some men say sex is not THE most important thing .
Petrina Ferguson,
10 Things A Wise And Noble Woman Does Not Do
Quality of life is affected by all the decisions one makes, whether the decisions are in matters great or small. Though imperfect, a woman of integrity will prioritize doing what is right. The prud…
Petrina Ferguson,
Yoo-Hoo, I'm Up Here, Honey!
I want to be his #1 encourager and affirmer. But I’ve noticed something. It’s easy to find encouraging words for friends, kids, grandkids...but not my hubby.
Jason Davis,
A Marriage Destroyed by Words - Sharon Jaynes
(My devotions will focus on marriage for the month of February. If you’re not married, I encourage you to read them anyway! And while you’re reading, pray for your friends that are married. Believe me, they will appreciate it. Also, give a special blessing by passing these devotions along to them! Here we go…) “Let no foul or polluting language, Read more...
Sharon Jaynes ,
Will Your Marriage Survive or THRIVE? -
Dear Encouragement Sisters, As I correspond with you week after week, and stand with you in prayer, I would love nothing more than to hear that your marriages are not only surviving but thriving. In the day-to-day ordinary, I’d love to hear about how you’ve carved out time to reconnect … Read More
Jennifer Waddle Encouragement Mama,
The View’s women: noisy & clamorous, shameful & infamous
Source- ScriptureByPicture.comThe television network ABC has produced for the last 18 years, a show called “The View.” The show is a talk show with an all-female panel discussing news, …
Elizabeth Prata,
Mic Drop Moments in Proverbs for Women
For the background on this post, check out the Mic Drop Moments in Proverbs Page. The bible has a lot of guidance on how to be a Godly woman. One need only look to Jesus’s example of service …
Holly Eastburg,
Deserved and Undeserved curses, break in Jesus name
One Hour With God August 1, 2011 –January 31, 2012 Month 1 Week 3, Day 20 Read the announcement here: Section A: Praise and worship (12am-12.20 -1am) Sing songs of praise and hymns to the Lord. Se…
Babatope Babalobi,

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