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I Cry Out — Broken & Hopeful
I cry out for relief. I cry out in weariness. I want change and different. I want the pain to stop. I want the wounds to heal, The evil done to so many to be dealt with in justice. I want the children to be delivered from the horror. I don’t want anyone to suffer in the pain of this world. I want th
BW#89 Overcoming Depression and Walking in Victory, part 1 - Denise Pass
Overcoming depression seems impossible, but victory is possible for those who stay in the fight and know how to fight. Depression is real, but so is God and His promises. Listen in as we cover ten common contributors to depression and how to counter those issues with the word of God.
What To Do When You Are "In A Lull" - Enjoying the Journey
Call it what you will. We all have those times when things seem just a little off the normal pace. […]
Scott Pauley,
A Soul Thirsty for Living Water
I might be downcast in my soul, but the desire of my heart is to worship. As much as I need water for my physical needs, I have spiritual needs that must be met by the Living God.
Tanja Tuovinen,
6 Guaranteed Ways to Honor Parents and make them smile, not cry - Connecting Truth to Life
At the end of this Bible study are 6 guaranteed ways to honor parents and make them smile, not cry
Rodney Harrier,
Hope for Justice
Christ is our True Hope in an unjust world.
Jason Davis,
The 29th chapter.
Good day beautiful people I hope that this post meets you in good health? November 13th is a very special day in my diary…. My birth date, and this year I have A LOT to be thankful for. Altho…
Mary-Ann Oyejobi,
A Sacrifice of Celebration
To celebrate in the midst of sorrow might just be the very thing God uses to strengthen us and bolster our faith.
Jason Davis,
Process and Pray Through the Arts
Creativity is a way to find rest and bring glory to God.
Jason Davis,
Finding Hope in Depression: Psalm 43 — Vaneetha Risner
When I’m depressed, I listen to myself and focus on my fears about the future. God is inviting me to listen to Him and rest in His promises instead. Our pain and suffering has purpose.
Vaneetha Risner,

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