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Responsibilities of a good Christian
Responsibilities of a good Christian Babatope Babalobi +234 80 35 897435 Join Telegram prayer group Subscribe to YouTube channel Babatope Babalobi babalobi@yahoo.…
Babatope Babalobi,
Orphans and Adoption — I.N.F.O. For Families
There has been a recent resurgence in the North American church's recognition of the plight of orphans in our world. While disasters like the one in Haiti make for big headlines and calls for action, there has always been a tremendous need for Christ-followers to
Barrett Johnson,
Biblical Justice vs Social Justice: Is There a Difference?
The concept of justice has filled thousands of volumes over the centuries. It would be foolish of me to attempt to cover this rather d…
Russ Sharrock,
Lament part 1: Pain everywhere, but we often don’t know how to express it
Lament Part 2: David, Job, and what about complaining? Lament part 3: what it is; and the importance of music By Elizabeth Prata “I am always on the hunt for podcast right now that talks abou…
Elizabeth Prata,
Prior to age of 21, I was actually getting into bars with the help of a fake driver’s license. I went to the DMV when I was 19 and lied that I had lost my driver’s license. Then I used my older sister’s information (she was 22 at that time) to get a new license, one that would enable me to get into bars. That act of deceitfulness actually cancelled out her valid driver’s license and she would’ve gotten into serious trouble had she ever been pulled over. But I didn’t care. I wanted what I wanted.
Denise Kohlmeyer,

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