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It’s Inside You. Use It.
Photo by Nika Akin via Pixabay Imagine yourself sitting at a table participating in a dinner party. Everyone is having side conversations while eating. You hear this gentle roar with the clinking o…
Mark Brady,
Big dreams start with small steps - Little Mama of Faith
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. — Jeremiah 29:11 New International Version (NIV) Do you have a dream? Something you feel called to do? Something you really enjoy doing? Something you might … Big dreams start with small steps Read More »
Terri Kirby,
Purpose Driver Life Purpose 4 (Additional questions) - Ron Edmondson
We are studying Purpose Driven Life together as a community group. Each week I ask questions pulled from the material in the book. Here are the questions for
Ron Edmondson,
Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire
Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire This general list gives you a simple way of checking to see what God is already doing in your life. You can identify some of the gifts you see in yourself. It is a si…
Geoff Waugh,
God loves a cheerful giver because He is One - Raising Zion
Are you a cheerful giver, or a grumpy giver? When you give, is it because you truly believe in your heart that you are giving to God?
Nehemiah Zion,
Includes a 3-Session VIDEO SERIES on Redemptive Gifts – Below! From the day you were conceived, God the Father placed within YOU some of His own character qualities and traits. […]
Wanda Alger,
Your Spiritual Gifts:The Most Interesting Ways To Find And Use It For The Benefits Of The Church(Body Of Christ )
It is time to discover and understand your spiritual gifts as a christian.Do not let this gift be a mirage in your life.It is a real gift from God.Find out how you can discover your spiritual gifts and use it for the edification of the Body of Christ(church).
Anthony Eshun,
Fan Into Flame The Gift Of God
The Apostle Paul began 2nd Timothy by offering him the grace, mercy, and peace of our Lord. He also encouraged him to fan into flame the gift that God had given
Robin McKinley,
What is My Spiritual Gift? The 7 Spiritual Gifts & How to Identify Your Spiritual Gift
Have you wondered, what is my spiritual gift? What does the Bible say about spiritual gifts and why is it important to identify your spiritual gift? When I first learned God offered spiritual gifts the next question was what is my spiritual gift? And then I thought how amazing that the creator of the world
Mary Armand,
How To Present Your Body as a Living Sacrifice
The Apostle Paul wrote each of his epistles to draw his readers closer to God. In Romans 12 he said you must each present your body as a living sacrifice. D
Robin McKinley,

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