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David’s sex sin with Bathsheba.
Sex sin can give evil spirits footholds to influence your life. Romans 1:28-32 provides a vivid account of how sexual promiscuity and idolatry opened the door to many other forms of e…
Babatope Babalobi,
What is at the Root of the Gender Debate?
The whole boys have a penis and girls have vagina thing is a clever lie we were told by our Neanderthal parents and grandparents to pigeonhole us into performing functions and roles that never need…
Lisa Price,
Hope for a Doomed Culture
We need the timeless truths of God’s Word to make sense of this crazy world. But Scripture not only explains what is really going on—it also fills us with hope as God works His sovereign plan to its ultimate, glorious conclusion. This blog series, first run in January 2016, is a timely reminder to that
John MacArthur,
How Then Shall We Live? (Pt. 4)
In our last post, continuing our discussion of how we are to live in light of the New Covenant, we said that we are to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in transforming us into Christ’s image. T…
Michael Floyd,
Five Ways We Made the Facts Feel Sad this Week
As I considered the flagrant fact-shunning, I found myself thinking some rather scornful thoughts regarding worldly people and their lack of logic. Then I had a weird and fairly awkward epiphany. I…
Lisa Price,
Legalism, License, or Liberty?
Today, we are going to look at an oft-asked question by Christians: What can/can’t I do as a believer? It’s an important question, especially in the ‘post-modern’ time in which we live. Everything …
Michael Floyd,
Kith, Kin and Kindness
BENT, BROKEN, UNBOWED The Ten Commandments for Today KITH, KIN AND KINDNESS The first four commandments that we have looked at from the Old Testament have been summarized in the first of the great commandments that Jesus gave us in the New Testament: “Love the Lord your God will all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind and with all your strength.” As we follow the One and Only God, put nothing in His place, honour His Name and the day He has set aside for rest and worship,
Lynda Schultz,
The Doctrine of Sin — House of David Ministries
The Greek word for sin is hamartia , and the word for knowledge is ology . Therefore, hamartiology is the knowledge of the doctrine of sin. The scriptures speak continuously of the presence and reality of sin in the world. From Adam’s first sin through the final chapters of Revelation, God speaks
Eric M. Teitelman,

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